Results of today’s matches 11-25-2022

Wales and Iran

The Wales-Iran match in the 2022 World Cup witnessed the first red card during the tournament, which came to Wayne Hennessy, the Welsh goalkeeper, after he went wrong and strong on the Iranian national team striker Taremi, and the match ended with a clean double in favor of Iran, to raise his score to 3. Points, and becomes second in the second group, while the Welsh team remained with one point

Qatar and Senegal

The Qatar national team was deposited in the tournament after defeating Senegal by 3-1 in the second round of the first group, so Al-Annabi wrote to himself the second defeat after the first defeat he received from the Ecuadorian national team, and the Senegal national team raised its score to 3 points in third place, while Qatar’s balance was frozen without points in Fourth and final place

Netherlands and Ecuador

This match ended in a positive draw 1/1 in the second round in the first group, so that the conflict flared up between the Dutch mills, the Latin Ecuadorian team and the Senegalese national team to qualify for the next round, and the Netherlands national team raised its score to 4 points in second place, and Senegal comes third with 3 points, and the decision will be in the round The third and final

England and America

This match ended in a 0-0 draw, and the second group competitions in the 2022 World Cup flared up between the four teams, England, Iran, America and Wales, where England’s balance became 4 points, at the top of Group Two, and the US team’s balance became two points in third place, and it is postponed Decisiveness to the third and final round

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